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Overlook Of An Interview

The interview stage is for 275 marks and it also acts as a deciding phase of exams and marks awarded to it show how crucial a role it plays.

Understanding the weightage of this stage lets us understand how to handle this part of the exam carefully.

Firstly, let us admit PERSONALITY is something that cannot be developed in few days, weeks and months having said that let us see what is Personality test is all about concerning the civil service exam.

If you start shaping the above then you are heading towards a successful stage of interview preparation molding yourself.

Preparation Strategy Work On The Below:

  • CHASE the FEAR within, if any so.
  • Travel within yourself to know WHAT YOU ARE AS A PERSON? No one knows you better than you.
  • The day YOU DREAMT about being a bureaucrat start thinking in that way as a bureaucrat.
  • Close watch on your surrounding and their happenings.
  • Focus Areas 


  • Discuss with your Peer group regularly.
  • Preparing individually is not the right strategy with your peer group take as many as possible mock interviews who can guide you correctly and mentor.
  • Knowledge-based questions and reflection of Current affairs will play a confident approach to interview preparation.
  • Mirror practice may also inbuilt confidence in oneself.

Note: No one can train you in a short span therefore we guide you to be self-trained by working on your areas specified above from early days.


  • Stay Calm
  • Neat/presentable Dress
  • Lucid Language
  • No Fake Personality
  • Mental
  • Work On Hobbies & Leadership
  • Self Confident